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Bathroom & Mirror Lights

About Bathroom & Mirror Lights

Bathroom lights are fixtures specifically designed to withstand exposure to regular moist, even wet conditions. Lighting a bathroom properly often require more than one fixture. One or two led ceiling light fittings made from polyurethane or high-quality plastics are a great source of general light. Fixtures with cool white integrated led (light emitting diodes) are the most popular choice. Wall lights mounted on either side of a mirror enables typical bathroom tasks like applying make up to be done with ease. A diffuser is essential to prevent glare while eliminating shadows. A mirror fitted with integrated LED lights installed behind diffused glass provide a stylish alternative to wall sconces. A wall light or decorative pendant fitted with a warm white led can create a relaxed welcoming ambiance for a relaxing bath. The lighting expert team of Arora Lights is on hand to find creative solutions to help create the perfect bathroom for you. The factors to consider when selecting lights for a bathroom such as the size of the room, colour scheme and style -modern or traditional. Adhering to safety regulations is critical. Get a quote now or visit the showroom to see our extensive range of bathroom fixtures.