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Spot & Track Lights

About Spot & Track Lights

Spotlights mounted on a metal shaft offers the option to direct the light sources to where it is needed. Light reflected from the ceiling provide a softer even spread of light while the other spots of the fixture can be directed onto a work surface as a task light. High output track lights are very effective to highlight merchandise retail setting. Growth as a lighting option in domestic lighting market can be ascribed to the modern look coupled with dynamic features of track lights. By moving the spotlight on the track provides you have the option to precisely highlight specific areas while creating general reflective light with the other spotlights on the same track. In bigger open plan spaces, you can add spotlights to the track to increase the lighting output and options. There are a massive variety of styles and colours on display at the Arora Lights showroom to be viewed at your leisure with our team of experts available to assist with choices.