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Garden Spikes

About Garden Spikes

Garden spikes are typically used to illuminate specific areas in a garden. Placing garden spikes to direct light toward the boundary wall or fence will greatly enhance security of the property. Spacing and directing the spikes is critical to optimise the safety while highlighting specific plants or other features in the garden. Garden spikes can be fitted with LED globes. Warm or neutral white led globes provide a more welcoming outdoor ambiance. Pathways can be lit with by garden spike lights to suit your preference. Directing the light to highlight the features along the path can be done in an interesting inviting way while ensuring steps and other obstacles are clearly visible. Integrated led garden spike lights are energy efficient and can provide strong focused light to accentuate garden features. Shining the light into larger vegetation, especially trees will transform it into spectacular interesting feature with bright reflections from the main branches that fades into the leaf shadows.