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Bollards & Pole Mount

About Bollards & Pole Mount

Bollards are designed to provide low-level illumination in outdoor areas like pathways and entertainment areas. Louvers are commonly used in bollards to reflect light downward. Opal glass or plastic diffusers will also prevent glare while emitting effective levels of illumination. Placement of the bollards are critical to achieve the perfect illumination of obstacles and features without the blinding effect of bright light – allowing eyes to easily adapt when moving from in to outdoor.

Dimly lit bollards are ideal to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors as they enter a property while guiding them safely along the footpath. Modern bollards use integrated led luminaires to provide the perfect level of light that is energy saving as well. Polycarbonate bollards are ideal to use on at coastal properties. Visit the Arora Lights showroom to view out selection and gain valuable from the experienced staff. Submit a quote request to obtain prices and to initiate discussion of your lighting needs.