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Table & Desk Lights

About Table & Desk Lights

Arora lights stock a wide variety of decorative and functional table lamps. Study or desk lamps are specifically designed to provide directional light for activities performed on electronic devises or paper such as reading and writing. Modern led table lamps incorporate technology that allow easy adjustment of the light output to a level you prefer to comfortably performing tasks. Angle poise desk lamps remain popular. These and other more traditional table lamps have the option to tilt the shade to avoid unpleasant glare especially when you are working on a screen. Decorative table lamps must be functional and complement the overall d├ęcor. A feature piece on a bedside table need to provide enough light to allow comfortable reading or use of electronic devices. Designs of led table lamps are often minimalistic, interesting designs made possible by incorporating flexible led strips into the fixture as light source. A popular addition to our range is table lamps equipped with an internal battery to provide light during loadshedding.