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About Downlighters

At Arora Lights we stock a growing range of downlighters. The clean, streamlined look of downlighters remain a popular lighting choice. Downlighters are easy to install and maintain. They are often used in living areas and kitchens and in many instances throughout the home. There are a wide variety of styles, finishes and sizes of down lights available. Antiglare downlighters create the perfect ambiance especially when dimmed. Downlighters can be tilted to direct light on to kitchen work surfaces to ensure tasks can be performed safely and with ease. Tilt downlighters are perfect to highlight architectural design features or artwork. We advise clients to use CNC aluminium downlighters for they are extremely durable and corrosion resistant. In commercial settings large recessed led downlights are often used for even bright general light. Spot or tilted downlighter with a very high lumen output are used to accentuate specific displays. Getting advice from the team at Arora lights will ensure that your downlighters will fulfil your expectations in terms of style and function. Visit our showroom in Northgate Estate to view the extensive range on display.